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Gay Travel: Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

This outstanding grotto took over 10 years to renovate, and when gay travelers arrive here you will very quickly see why.  Attention to detail seems to be the mission statement here, every single detail has been taken care of.

Built into the ancient caves in the Metera area, which you will find in the Basilicata area in southern Italy.  The caves themselves were restored using only traditional materials, so at times it feels like you are stepping back in time, but don’t for one moment let that make you think you will be in any way ‘roughing it’.

This accommodation offers gay travelers eighteen rooms, which are spacious and beautifully decorated.  Each of these rooms offer guests dramatic views out to the Alta Murgia National Park.  The hotel takes on a most romantic guise at night with the whole place decorated with large candles which are lit to provide a very special setting.

This is a place you wont want to leave.

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Gay Travel: Brighton Pride

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

One of the UK’s largest gay pride festivals, Brighton Pride are introducing an entrance fee for gay and lesbian pride visitors.  The organizers have introduced a fee to help to ensure safety at the gay event.

Tickets for the gay pride sold on the day of the event will be set at £17.50 per person.  Tickets for local residents will however be available prior to the event at just £8.50.  The next stage of pricing, general sale are priced at £12.50 and will only be available prior to the event, and these are limited in number.

Tickets for Brighton Gay Pride have also be set aside for a variety of community groups.

Pressure has been placed on the gay pride organizers to eradicate trouble at the event and to do this requires closed off areas and greater security, hence the reason for the introduction of the entry fee.

Around 45,000 tickets will go on sales this year, and if all sold this would certainly be an event not to miss.

Brighton has a fabulous reputation for being a prime location for gay and lesbian party goers, and a trip to Brighton Gay Pride would be a fantastic taster of the resort.  The gay nightlife in Brighton is very vibrant and wherever you go in Brighton you will find a warm welcome.

Gay Travel: A Scottish Curry in Glasgow, Scotland

Monday, March 14th, 2011

It may sound a little strange to be promoting Indian food in Glasgow, Scotland.  Surely real authentic Indian food needs to be made in, well India!  The reason for the mention here is that this is some of the finest Indian food to be found in Scotland (or even the UK!), but it is also Indian food with a twist, which makes it reason enough for gay and lesbian travelers visiting the city to drop in for a bite to eat.

The restaurant we are discussing is the Nakodar Grill, which can be found in the Dennistoun area of the city.  The restaurant is a fusion (although that word is a little too fluffy for here) of Indian and Scottish food and atmosphere.  This is a popular destination during the day, but really comes alive in the evening.  The name itself ‘Nakodar’ (Na-Ko-Dar), means ‘Gate of Goodness’, and tasting the menu leaves you in no doubt why it deserves this name.

Gay and lesbian visitors will find that the menu contains such delights as Haggis Pakoras, along with many more traditional Indian dishes.  For Valentines this year the restaurant even created a chocolate curry.

Gay Travel: Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

For 11 full on party years, the Snowbombing event has claimed its title as the biggest (and best) party on the slopes.  Now in its 12th year the organizers show no signs of wanting to slow the pace.  Gay and lesbian travelers who love to ski, but also know how to party the night away will find this an event not to miss.

By day you can take to the picturesque slopes and either Ski or Snowboard for the first time or simple show off the skills you have picked up on previous trips.  Gay and lesbian tourists will find the Skiing in Mayrhofen among some of the finest in Europe.  A great location to experience Skiing for the first time, and equally a challenging Ski for those with a little more experience.

Once your day on the slopes comes to an end (and it is important you don’t tire yourself out too much), the resort comes alive, as it is time to party.  The Snowbombing event attracts a hedonistic group, who are very inclusive.  Don’t attend this event hoping to be tucked up in bed by midnight, attend this with a willingness to party hard!

Entertainment at the event includes sets from 2 Many DJ’s, Fat Boy Slim, The Prodigy and the fabulous DJ Yoda.

The event takes place in Mayrhofen from April 4th 2011 to April 9th 2011.

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Gay Travel: Sydney Mardi Gras Parade 2011

Monday, February 28th, 2011

It is almost time, the moment has nearly arrived, gays and lesbians have been getting on planes, trains, jumping in cars and traveling to Sydney to ensure they get a good viewing spot for one of the highlights of the gay travel year, the Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.

The festival began in Sydney on February 19th and will run until March 6th 2011.  The festival includes a wide range of gay events and attractions, but arguably the highlight of the whole festival is the Mardi Gras parade, which sees thousands of gays and lesbians taking over the streets of Sydney.  The gay parade starts at 7.45pm on March 5th 2011, with activities starting on the streets a good hour before.  The parade is due to finish at approximately 11pm.

Gay and lesbian travelers visiting Sydney are advised to arrive early in order to secure a decent spot to experience the parade in full.  The atmosphere is electric, join the Sydney gay and lesbian community and their supporters for a fantastic party.  If traveling into Sydney especially for the parade be warned that roads can be effected as early as 3pm, with closures in place and traffic building up.

The parade route commences on Oxford Street (the centre of the gay nightlife scene) at the Whitlam Square end.  The parade then continues east up Oxford Street, turning right on Flanders Street and onto Anzac Parade, winding up at the Kippax Bus Interchange.

For those gay and lesbian parade watchers who don’t want to party to end just yet, check out the Entertainment Quarter, Lang Road, Moore Park for the party which runs from 10pm until 8am.

Gay Travel: The legendary White Party, Miami

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

It’s the time of year again for the legendary White Party in Miami.  A time when gay and lesbian flock to the area for one of the wildest happenings around.  The Winter Festival has taken place on South Beach since 1994.  This years winter fun expects to welcome over 10,000 gay and lesbian party goers.

Gay and lesbian tourists planning to attend the event, don’t just have to see themselves as 100% hedonist, you will also be doing something good!  Two thirds of the revenue made from this event will be channeled to support local organizations, and the remaining third is used to sponsor gay and lesbian the task force across the States.

The winter beach party takes place on one of the favorite global gay and lesbian hotspots.  The beach in Miami is clearly one of the main reasons gay and lesbian tourists choose to visit the area, and what better time to be there, than when this party is in full swing.

This years party takes place on Sunday March 6th, starting at noon and running until 6pm.  The event will happen at Lummas Park and 12th street, the location of possibly the most famous gay beach in the world.

Check out local listings for many support events which occur around the Winter Festival.  Local gay bars and gay clubs come alive, keeping the party atmosphere well and truly alive.

Gay Travel: Time to party at the White Lounge – The original igloo hotel

Monday, February 21st, 2011

For gay travelers who love the snow and to party, what better place to draw your attention to – than Mayrhofen and the Igloo hotel.  White Lounge is one of the most amazing accommodations in the Alps, it is certainly the most memorable.  Here, 2000 meters above sea level you will find this unique accommodation, which is very comfortable and a joy to spend a night in.  The hotel offers dinner and breakfast as part of your stay and you can also use the onsite sauna, to escape the cold climate for a while.

For gay and lesbian travelers who are feeling a little romantic, check out the specific romance packages offered by the White Lounge.  Arrange for a bottle of Champagne to be waiting in your room, a romantic dinner and then hop into your double sleeping bag with a great excuse to keep warm!

Whilst staying at the hotel make sure you check out the igloo bar.  A place to chill out after your day exploring the area.

For gay and lesbian party lovers a great time to stay at the White Lounge, Igloo Hotel is between April 4th and April 9th, a time when Mayrhofen comes alive for the 12th annual Snowboarding festival.  This time of year attracts a lively crowd with snow boarders, skiers, and just plain old music fans gathering for a full on party.  This is the time of year when Mayrhofen meets Ibiza, so gay travelers come prepared to shake your thing.  the annual event attracts a host of world famous names such as Fat Boy Slim and The Prodigy, who are all in town to get the party started.

The snowboarding festival last for 6 days, and features more than 100 big names from the global clubbing scene.

Check out the White Lounge here

Gay Travel: Tourists could face Dutch cannabis cafe ban

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Gay travelers to Amsterdam who are partial to smoking cannabis in the liberal coffee shops may have to be quick a move is afoot to ban tourists from these establishments.

Amsterdam is a very relaxed destination for gay and lesbian tourists to visit, its has liberal attitudes to sex and drugs although some of those treats will only be available to local people.

The ban on tourists entering the Amsterdam coffee shops is being looked at in an attempt to cut the number of tourists traveling to the country purely to take advantage of the relaxed drugs laws.

If successful the law will restrict the use of the coffee shops in Amsterdam to Dutch people only.  Entry would only be allowed on the production of special passes.  Tourist would not be allowed to posses one of these and their passport would prove that they are not local.

The news has not been welcomed by Amsterdam coffee shop owners, who welcome the influx of tourist each year, who choose to visit and smoke in their shops.  The tourists are seen to generate millions of Euros per year to the Dutch economy and it is feared that this move could deter a number of them from visiting Amsterdam.

The Dutch government state that so called ‘narco tourists’ come to Amsterdam and behave anti-socially, giving Amsterdam a bad name.  Not sure they have seen people after they have smoked weed, anti-social would not be my term.  A similar ban on drinking does not seem to be being proposed.

Gay Travel: The Mondrian, Soho gets set to welcome you

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Does New York need another hotel?  Are gay travelers struggling to find a bed for the night?  Well the answer is yes and no.  Whilst New York has plenty of places for gay travelers to lay their weary heads, in terms of hip hotels they are few and far between.  The Mondrian hotel hopes to add itself to the short list of hotels offering both style and service.

The hotel, situated in the trendy Soho district will offer 270 rooms, designed by Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, and opens its doors to welcome guests later this month.  This will be the third hotel fro the group in New York, but its first move into downtown.  This will be a stylish hotel, attracting hip gay and lesbian travelers to the state.  Inside the hotel you will find a seafood restaurant ‘Imperial No. 9′, which will be run by acclaimed chef Sam Talbot.  Take a drink in the signature cocktail bar or perhaps a drink in the outdoor bar is more your thing.

This will no doubt be a welcome addition to the hotel list in New York, and remember whilst the city doesn’t sleep, does not mean you don’t have to.