Gay Travel: Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy

This outstanding grotto took over 10 years to renovate, and when gay travelers arrive here you will very quickly see why.  Attention to detail seems to be the mission statement here, every single detail has been taken care of.

Built into the ancient caves in the Metera area, which you will find in the Basilicata area in southern Italy.  The caves themselves were restored using only traditional materials, so at times it feels like you are stepping back in time, but don’t for one moment let that make you think you will be in any way ‘roughing it’.

This accommodation offers gay travelers eighteen rooms, which are spacious and beautifully decorated.  Each of these rooms offer guests dramatic views out to the Alta Murgia National Park.  The hotel takes on a most romantic guise at night with the whole place decorated with large candles which are lit to provide a very special setting.

This is a place you wont want to leave.

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Gay Travel: Spend a night at the Lighthouse, Dubrovnik, Croatia

For gay travelers looking for a romantic setting on their next vacation, then how does the seclusion of a lighthouse and the crashing waves sound. Listen to the ocean as you and your loved one cuddle by the sea.

Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for gay travel, despite the few designated gay areas, bars etc.  The scenery in the whole of Croatia is absolutely stunning and gay travelers to Dubrovnik will wonder why they have taken so long to visit old city.  The old city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by the city wall and inside you will find ancient churches, excellent restaurants, art galleries and bars.

Inside the city walls gay travelers will also find accommodation from high end hotels and apartments which seem to be above every restaurant and shop in town.  For gay travelers seeking something a little different, head to he Lighthouse, Grebeni.  Visitors will certainly experience a holiday they will never forget.

Gay travelers will find the Lighthouse on its own rock island, a short trip from the Adriatic coast.  The Lighthouse dates back to 1870, when it was built to guide sailors from all around the world to the shore.  Despite the Lighthouse now being converted to a 3 bedroom villa the light still flashes 3 times every 10 seconds, so no excuse for struggling to find your way home!

Guest who stay at the Lighthouse first check into the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, which you will find on the mainland.  Once checked in you will be whisked away by a speedboat to your unique Lighthouse accommodation.  The villa will sleep up to seven guests comfortably.  Spend your day on the sun terrace with a view of the beautiful blue ocean all around.  Each morning a boat leaves shore and delivers your breakfast on your own island.

For gay travelers staying on the island who get a little bored, then simply call for the speedboat from the hotel and it will take you to shore, allowing you to visit the restaurants, bars and boutique shops.

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Gay Travel: G-A-Y bar now open in Manchester, England

The G-A-Y bar and club in London is an institution on the gay scene, and has been a destination point for many gay travelers to the capital.  The G-A-Y bar has branched out and opened the doors on a new gay bar in Manchester.  Housed in the former Spirit bar home, G-A-Y Manchester is right in the heart of the Manchester gay village on Canal Street.

The bar attracts a younger gay crowd than certain other bars on Canal Street and does not charge entry fee, despite the fact that it is open on some evenings until 4 am.  The bar has numerous drinks promotions on offer at various points in an evening, which help to keep the party lively.

The walls of this gay bar are full of TV screens, which are used to play music videos.  Don’t go expecting anything in musical terms which breaks from the expected sounds of your local gay bar.  Your ears will be delighted (or not) to hear the sounds of Pink, Britney, Spice Girls and Kei$ha.

Gay party goers will find room to dance and plenty of seating for those who wish to sit and watch the party going on around them.

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Gay Travel: Wilson Island, Queensland, Australia

Planning your next gay travel trip, not sure what to do to beat your last vacation?  How about hiring a whole island for yourself?

With a group of friends get yourself over to Wilson Island in Queensland Australia and hire the whole island out.  Wilson Island is smack in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, making it an ideal setting for exploring and relaxing.  You will find the island 72 kilometers from the coast of Queensland, a short boat ride from the shore.

Visitors to the island go there to experience the natural beauty of the location and for its quite seclusion.  Also having the island to yourself gives you enormous amounts of freedom, and certainly a break from modern day living (no mobile phone coverage on the island)  This all adds to the appeal of the island making it a very popular place

The island is a great location for weddings and obviously the honeymoon following the event.

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Gay Travel: Kruisheren Hotel, Maastricht, Netherlands

You may not have Masstrict on your gay travel to do list, but once you have seen the delights of the Kruisheren Hotel you will quickly change your mind.  This is a hotel which is housed in a renovated 15th century monastery and has been designed to perfection.

Gay travelers arriving at the hotel can not fail to be amazed by the breathtaking Gothic exterior, you really feel like you are arriving somewhere special.  Stepping inside though is when the real breathtaking experience begins.

The hotel is in a great location near to cafe bars, cool bars and the wonderful buildings of Maastricht

The hotel offers sixty rooms housed in the original monastery, the reception for the hotel is found in the original Gothic church on the site.  From the mezzanine floor you can sit eating breakfast with stunning views of Maastricht.

Whilst at the hotel make sure you make time to experience the beautiful monastery gardens, an oasis in the city, offering calm to gay and lesbian visitors.

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Gay Travel: Place for one or two more Queens in London

Tomorrow will see the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, for this couple it is their big romantic day.  For London it is a chance to appear on the world stage, time to show off and hopefully attract tourist to the capital of the UK.  London is the home of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and has a fine reputation for welcoming queens from all over the world.

Gay travel to London is popular all year round, with gay and lesbian travelers coming to the city to explore its history, shop till they drop and party in this cultural heaven.  For those gay travelers seeking a little history whilst in London you will certainly not be disappointed.  For royal fans check out Buckingham Palace, found in the heart of the city.  Other sites worth checking out are the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Gay travelers who love to shop will be spoilt for choice, head down to Oxford Street for the department store Selfridges, or Bond Street for high end designers.  If you are looking for something a little more individual then Camden Market at Camden Lock or Portobello Road.

For gay party animals visiting London, the city will no disappoint.  Heading to Soho you will find a large number of gay bars and gay clubs.  Old Compton Street is the main drag for gay bars such as GAY and the Admiral Duncan.

Next year will see the Olympic games hit London and will no doubt see prices rise, so if you are not a sports fan make sure you head to London this year to explore.

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Gay Travel: Europride, Rome, Italy

We are only weeks away from Europride in Rome, so time to start making your gay travel plans, to ensure you are at the largest gay party in Europe.

Europride will see Rome come alive with gay and lesbian celebrations from June 1st to June 12 2011.

Gay travelers will find a number of gay friendly hotel options in the Italian city to meet all budgets.

Rome is a wonderful city for gay travel, here you will find history all around you.  It sometimes seems that every corner holds an insight into an ancient world, a world waiting for you to discover it.  Why not mix the ancient with the modern and take a trip to Rome during this years Europride event.  You can party with gay and lesbian holiday makers from all over the world and still find time to check out the iconic sites in the city.

Europride will see many parties being held in and around the gay district of the city and a parade to delight all on 11th June 2011.

The event united gay and lesbian locals and tourist in a show of pride, a celebration of sexuality.

As we write we are unsure if the Pope will be attending or indeed giving his blessing to the event!!!!

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Gay Travel: Stay in a unused Bull fighting ring in Mexico

If you are a gay travel fan who craves to experience more unusual places to stay whilst on vacation, then you need to check out Quinta Real in Zacatecas, Mexico.  This is a hotel that is built in the restored grandstand of the San Pedro bull fighting ring.  The ring was originally built back in the 19th century and has not been used for bull fighting since the mid 70’s.

In the late 80’s the building was taken over and renovated into the stunning hotel which gay and lesbian travelers can visit today.   Gay travelers will find it hard to find a hotel which is as impressive, as the picture shows rooms are situated around the bull fighting ring and place visitors in the splendor and style of this accommodation.   Rooms are set around the patio at the hotel, here guests will find a beautifully paved patio with flowers used to brighten up the space.  This is certainly a romantic setting for gay and lesbian travelers visiting Mexico.

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Gay Travel: Holiday Apartment or Hotel?

Once you have decided which destination you will be visiting on your annual gay travel trip, you quickly start to look at the accommodation on offer.  Many popular gay resorts offer a wide variety of options to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.  Hotels and apartments are generally the two main choices for gay travelers, so what are the pros and what are the cons of each?

Hotel pros:

Your bed will be made for you each day.

Leave your old towels on the bathroom floor and come back to nice clean ones.

Breakfast will be made by someone else.

Room service, allowing you to stay in bed with your loved one and have food delivered to you.

Someone on reception who will know more about your gay travel destination that you.

Hotel cons:

Breakfast is at a time dictated by the hotel.

The maid can disturb you when you don’t want to be.

You have little or no private space if you are traveling as a couple.

The mini bar is priced so high you need to take out a loan.

You feel you have to move your things before the maid arrives

Apartment pros:

You have much more space

You can cook meals when you wan.

Can work out to be much cheaper, particularly if you are taking a gay trip with a group.

Apartments can often be styled in a much more individual style.

You experience how locals live a great deal more.

You wont be disturbed by the maid.

Apartment cons:

You have to do everything yourself even though you are on holiday.

Your bed will only be made by you.

Nobody on reception to tell you the gay places to go.

Before you make a cup of coffee you have to visit a local store.

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Gay Travel: Gay Pride Miami Beach Style

This weekend saw Miami come alive for the annual gay pride celebrations, finding gays and lesbians traveling from all over America and the globe to be there.  Miami has a fine reputation for being a party place, and what better time to travel to Miami than during gay pride.

The Grand Marshall for this years Gay Pride Miami was Andy Cohen, star of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo TV.  This was the 3rd annual Miami Beach Gay Pride and the crowds are certainly growing in number.  The gay pride parade route was welcomed by a largely gay and lesbian crowd on Ocean Drive as Cohen waved to spectators from the back of a Rolls Royce car.

Miami Gay Pride parade is seen as the start of a (very) long gay pride season in Miami, a season which really starts to take off in June.  Providing many (as if they are needed) excuses for gay travel trips to Miami!

Social media went crazy is support of one of the themes of this years gay pride parade, with a spotlight being placed on mature gay pride couples.  Cars carried gay couples who have been together for decades, and were welcomed by the crowd, as if to show to the world our love is the same as your love.

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